Report Scams at 866-515-6989
Apr 11th, 2018
Scambusters,Ovation by Wyndham

Report Scams at 866-515-6989


Since launching our fraud alert efforts years ago, Wyndham is more devoted than ever to keeping you informed, empowered, and on guard against companies that aim to profit by misleading you. We created Scambusters to help owners in identifying these companies.

Some of these companies claim to be able to help you sell or exit your timeshare, even using misleading tactics such as claiming to represent Wyndham or the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). Unfortunately, many owners have trusted these companies, even signing over their power of attorney and paying up-front fees for services that are never completed — leading to anguish, financial hardship, and negative impacts to their credit report. In recent years, several people operating these companies under false pretenses have faced serious legal action, including prison time!

The following are useful guidelines to protect and help you avoid being taken advantage of:

  • Always confirm that you’re speaking with one of our representatives before engaging in any conversations about your ownership.
  • Beware of companies or individuals that offer to eliminate your maintenance fees.
  • Watch out for any resale company asking for payment or fees before selling, exiting, or canceling your timeshare.
  • Be skeptical of exit companies that claim that you have to “act now” because their offer is limited.

If you have any concerns or believe you’ve been in contact with a fraudulent company, call us at 866-515-6989 or email us at

At Wyndham, we also have reliable options if you’re interested in selling or exiting your timeshare, including referrals to trustworthy companies that can assist you.