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Compare Value

See where your vacation savings add up!

By owning with CLUB WYNDHAM®, you can lock in today’s vacation prices for all of your future vacations. Our Vacation Savings Calculator will estimate what you might spend over a lifetime of vacations and clearly illustrate the cost advantage of vacation ownership.

Average Hotel Room Night (2007) price: $150
Inflation Rate: 3%
Future Vacations: 25 Years
Family of four renting two rooms: $84,220.90

Average Timeshare Purchase Price: $16,000
Annual Maintenance Fees: $500
Inflation Rate On Fees: 3%
Future Vacations: 25 Years
Family of four-six staying in a two-bedroom condominium: $39,900

Note: These examples are based on yearly vacations consisting of seven nights in a hotel and one-two weeks at a timeshare resort, depending on the season and destination. While the examples use weeks to illustrate how much vacation you might expect to receive, many timeshare owners have the flexibility to take weekend getaways and two-, three- and four-day vacations during the week. How much vacation you receive through your timeshare depends on how you vacation and the amount of credits/points/intervals you own.